Actos Lawyer

Actos is a drug that was designed to help diabetes patients but in recent months this drug has caused several severe health problems such as strokes and heart problems. If this is what happened to you after taking the drug, you may be able to receive monetary compensation for your injuries. The key is to find an Actos lawyer who is skilled in personal injury and who has a strong knowledge of the negative effects from this medication. Never choose a lawyer that has less than five years of experience because he may not be familiar with all of the issues surrounding Actos medicines and the severe side effects from this medications.

Ways to Find An Actos Lawyer

The American Bar Association is a good way to find a qualified Actos lawyer and you can also visit local legal sites and search for a good lawyer who can help you in your case. Ask friends who attend law school for recommendations on lawyers who know a lot about the negative side effects and tragedies that resulted from the use of Actos. You can locate a lawyer that specializes in Actos by going to the lawyers’ websites and inquiring about their services.

Gathering Evidence for Case

Before you hire an Actos lawyer, you need to gather all the evidence necessary to assist your lawyer in winning the case. This includes gathering your medical records from the doctor following the illness that was caused by taking Actos, records of your medical expenses, evidence of losing your ability to work due to the illness caused by the medication, and other evidence. This makes the lawyer’s job easier and you increase your chances of winning.


When you locate a highly qualified lawyer for your Actos lawsuit to collect damages for your health problems, you’ll have peace of mind about your current situation and you’ll have the funds you need to recover from the physical pain and emotional suffering. Assemble your evidence before meeting with the attorney and be as truthful as possible with the lawyer so he can help you in the most effective way. Stay away from lawyers that always appear on gimmicky TV and radio ads and who claim to help you win a huge settlement because this is not true as every case is different. Finally, maintain a positive attitude during the case.

GranuFlo Lawsuit Information

GranuFlo is a dry acid that was widely prescribed to help evenly distribute electrolytes when people were receiving kidney dialysis. Basically, dialysis does the kidney’s job of clearing out toxic waste in the blood stream, while bicarbonate helps to neutralize the acid contained within the blood. The procedure is used in people who have kidney failure or who generally have kidneys that do not properly function.

Unfortunately, too much bicarbonate from the combination of a prescription and that produced by GranuFlo can result in metabolic alkalosis. Metabolic alkalosis is a condition in which the pH of tissue is elevated beyond the normal range. This has a large number of negative effects, many of which can end up being fatal. A few of these negative effects include, but are certainly not limited to:

ñ cardiopulmonary arrest

ñ heart attack

ñ stroke

ñ cardiac arrhythmia

ñ and many more serious complications, including death.

Fresenius Medical Care, the manufacturer of GranuFlo, failed to warn dialysis clinics, physicians, and patients about all of these health risks associated with the elevated bicarbonate levels their product can cause. Since they did not properly warn the public, there have been many preventable health problems and deaths associated with this in dialysis patients.

It is believed that this company knew ahead of time the complications and adverse effects that could be caused from use of their product in dialysis patients who were already prescribed a bicarbonate. In fact, it was noted by the medical staff at this company that patients with high levels of bicarbonates in their blood system had as much as a six times higher risk for developing adverse effects. Yet they did not share this with the appropriate public prior to serious complications happening to dialysis patients in the real world.

Over and beyond what we have already said, it is important to note that since Fresenius Medical Care did not properly warn the public about the health risks related to GranuFlo, they are liable for any damage that may have been caused.

People who have themselves suffered any serious problems, or have a loved one who has suffered serious problems or even passed away, during dialysis and were using GranuFlo, are urged to contact an attorney to file a granuflo lawsuit. You can receive just compensation for the pain you have suffered and may continue to suffer because of Fresenius Medical Care’s lack of proper communication if you are determined to have a case.